Andrea and Jenna met in 2007 while attending the Dental Hygiene Program at Niagara College. Being mompreneurs was never a thought until they had their baby boys just 3 months apart in 2016. While on maternity leave they dreamed of opening up their own business and doing something they were passionate about. Having a baby is a life changing experience and deserves to be celebrated. Longing to create the perfect keepsake, Andrea and Jenna wanted something as special and unique as their own children. As the months passed their dream became reality when they learned the techniques of Life Casting. From there, ABC Impressions was created.

Andrea and Jenna both share the same passion for detail while bringing their own unique talents to the process. Andrea loves the creative process of life casting and capturing moments through the technical process while Jenna loves the visionary details of putting the life casts together. As new moms themselves, they knew that packing up a newborn and all the things that go along with the baby was a challenge, so they decided to hit the road. ABC Impressions is a completely mobile business visiting the clients in the comforts of their own homes.

Andrea and Jenna have a strong commitment to their clients and believe in making memories last a lifetime. They hope that their small business will grow with time, and their longstanding friendship will prosper because they love what they do. Andrea and Jenna would love to bring your vision to life with your very own keepsake.

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“Celebrating lifes special moments with life casting!”
- Andrea & Jenna